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Maureen Cannon is one of those bright shooting stars that appears in sky for a fleeting moment and leaves you wanting to know more about her. I don't know why her smiling face got stuck in my imagination when I saw her picture at 11 years old. 

Maureen had visited Argentina and Sao Paulo, Brazil on 9 October 1957, as part of the music-revue Rock'n'roll Fantasy... and now on 18 January 1961 she was back for 5 nightly performances on the stage of Teatro Record on Rua da Consolação in São Paulo.

Actually I do know why I was so impressed with Maureen Cannon's image. I was a country boy who had just moved to the big city 4 weeks before - 16 December 1960 - and was impressed to see her smiling face on a big poster stuck next to the theatre box-office. 

My father was a shoemaker and owned a shoe-repair shop in partnership with a brother-in-law next to the theatre. You see, we had traveled by train from Marilia-SP the whole night and arrived in São Paulo early in the morning. I was really happy to be there. We were staying in the back of the small shop for the day until nightfall. Father then would take us to Vila Madalena where he had rented a house for us to live. 

That December day was pure magic to me. I had not seen so many skyscrapers together... I counted the stories until I got tired. My aunt Dulce and her 3 children had been living in the back of shop for the last 4 weeks. My cousin Gabriel offered me a chocolate bar... and I tasted chocolate for the first time in my life. 

I stayed out in the footpath watching tram-cars trundling up and down the busy thoroughfare. I had never seen so many cars moving at the same time. But what I really really loved was the proximity to the theatre where I could see posters of foreign acts that had performed at that famous stage. Maureen Cannon would be 1961's very first international attraction to perform at Teatro Record. 

I was really flabbergated a few weeks later when my Father came home one night and said that a very well-dressed American lady had come into the shop and asked him to repair her stillettos that she probably broke while performing one of her up-tempo songs on the theatre. Father said she wore a great smile on her face and when it came to paying she couldn't believe how cheap it had cost. That was definitely Maureen Cannon in person.

MAUREEN CANNON, a explosiva

18 JANEIRO 1961 – Quarta – Maureen Cannon, a explosiva, canta hoje as 21:00 no Teatro Record, abrindo a sensacional linha de cartazes internacionais da Radio Record & Canal 7.  

Nasceu em Chicago-Illinois em 3 Dezembro 1926, mudou-se para New York com 15 anos, fazendo teste para a revista “Best Foot Forward', do produtor-compositor Sigmund Romberg, e daí em diante já trabalhou muito na Broadway.  Foi a “garota Good-year” no programa de TV de Paul Whiteman. Casada, mora em New York. Canta “I double dare you”, “St.Louis Blues”, “Sister Kid”, “The band wagon”, “The fireman’s bride”, “Jambalaya”, “Oh Johnny”, “Autumn leaves” e “Bill Bailey, please come home”. Apresenta-se hoje (18), amanhã (19) apenas na TV Record, sexta (20), sábado (21) e domingo (22).

Como já esperado desde outubro de 1957, quando Maureen Cannon foi a figura de maior sucesso entre os que se apresentaram no Teatro de Cultura Artística, na revista musical 'Rock'n'roll Fantasy', trazida por Paulinho Machado de Carvalho - ela se apresentou durante uma semana inteira no Teatro Record, na rua da Consolação em São Paulo. 

Não encontrei matéria sobre as apresentações de Maureen nessa sua segunda visita, mas julgando-se pela primeira, deve ter sido vitoriosa.

in September, Derby released a couple of tunes featuring Maureen Cannon and the Striders: "Did I Speak Out Of Turn"/"Yes Lord." These were not reviewed either.

DJ Walter Silva visits Maureen Cannon & Fred Mitchell at RGE studios in São Paulo where the duo recorded 'Oh Johnny' and 'Mama come save your child', a double-sided hit.

listen to 'Mama come save your child' at:

Billboard magazine, 23 February 1957 - review of 'Mama, come save your child': Miss Cannon takes a cue from some of the rhythm & blues belters in her styling of this fast, catchy beat opus. Her bold, extrovert piping is bound to sweep many listeners off their feet. 

'Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh': Give the singer an 'E' for effort. She moves in on this oldie with the kind of assault on the ears you expect from Lillian Briggs. Loud and overwhelming. 

Maureen Cannon at 15 years-old on Broadway 

a 15 year-old Maureen Cannon in 1941 on Broadway's 'Best foot forward'.
Maureen on top of the heap... in 1941. Twenty years before she visited Brazil. See more about this Broadway production at:
at Paul Whiteman Revue in 1952 where Maureen used to sing all kinds of music for many years. 
Maureen drinks a cuppa in 1955 while waiting to appear on New York TV.
Maureen was always smiling... 

Maureen Cannon appearances on Broadway 

Best Foot Forward’ (musical, comedy, original)  1 October 1941 – 4 July 1942
(Maureen plays Helen Schlessinger)

Hairpin Harmony’ (musical, farce, original) 1 October 1943 – 2 October 1943
(Maureen plays Reenie Franton)

Up in Central Park’ (musical, comedy, original) 27 January 1945 – 13 April 1946

Up in Central Park’ (musical, comedy, revival) 19 May 1947 – 31 May 1947
(Maureen Cannon played Rosie Moore)


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  2. Thank you SO much for such a thorough and nice article! I remember very well when Ms. Cannon came to SP. I was a pre-teen and had always enjoyed music. The show was brodcasted via TV Record in black and white and it was a real treat! Those are the good old days! God's blessings!