Friday, 18 November 2016

1 9 5 6 - politics of signing foreign acts / Dizzy Gillespie / Carmen Cavallaro

22nd March 1956 - OESP's columnist Mary Wynne writes about the politics of bringing foreign acts to perform in Brazil, which was then mainly Rio & Sao Paulo.

19 April 1956 - Rio de Janeiro's 'Correio da Manhã' posts an ad saying Edith Piaf would sing live on Radio Mayrink Veiga and Radio Mundial at 10:00 PM.

7 August 1956 - Dizzy Gillespie & his Orchestra perform at Teatro Republica, in Rio de Janeiro.

12 August 1956 - 'Correio da Manhã' reviews Dizzy Gillespie's recital at Teatro Republica.

13 August 1956 - After having performed in Rio de Janeiro, Dizzy Gillespie and his orchestra fly to Sao Paulo for a stint at Teatro Santana, on Rua 24 de Maio, that was demolished 3 years after Gillespie's presentation.
27 June 1956