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TEATRO RECORD - Rua da Consolação, 1992

As we've already seen in this blog, Teatro Record stared its function as the auditorium of TV Record, Channel 7 in January 1959, with the presentation of Record's granting of covetous trophy Chico Viola Awards to the 30 best selling recording artists covering the previous year of 1958.

Teatro Record had been Cine Rio before and was bought by Paulo Machado de Carvalho and transformed into a modern theatre that could be used as a venue for major international stars visiting the city, staging of great shows like Skindô (1962) or the yearly extravaganzas of Roquette Pinto Award for the best acts in radio & TV.

In 1966, Teatro Record housed the most famous of all MPB's festivals when Geraldo Vandré's 'Disparada' and Chico Buarque de Hollanda's 'A banda' won 1st prize and set Brazil on fire so to speak. 

rock band The Jordans at Teatro Record lobby circa 1967

This was actually the entrance performers used to get into Teatro Record on Rua da Consolação. It was in a different building that had a connection with the theatre itself. This photo was taken in 1966, probably during that famous pop-music-festival. From left to right: Carlos Bloise, Adylson Godoy, whose brother Amilton Godoy was one-third of Zimbo Trio, Cesar Galvão and Zé Eduardo Nazario.  
Lustres Bobadilha seen in a 1953 photo.
Rua da Consolação being turned into a two-way street on 12 September 1967.

Cine Regencia is turned into Teatro Record-Augusta.

'Correio da Manhã' 25 September 1969: TV Record opens a new Auditorium at Rua Augusta, 973. The venue formerly Cine Regencia - was completely refurbished to house a brand new TV auditorium which would host programmes such as 'Familia Trapo', 'Guerra é guerra', 'É proibido colocar cartazes', 'Praça da Alegria', 'Alianças para o sucesso', 'Hebe', 'Moacyr Franco Show', 'Helio Ansaldo Show', 'Hotel do Sossêgo', 'Astros do Disco', 'Seu riso vale ouro' and 'Show do dia 7'. 

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